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Best Credit Repair Resources and Tips

There are many companies in existence that will repair your credit for a fee. Use them if you do not want to take the time necessary to repair your own credit. But beware, there are many that are not ethical, and you will end up losing in the end.

These companies require a fee before working for you. They also give advice about setting up a new credit file with an employer identification number to use instead of your social security number. They may also suggest you not contact the credit bureaus.

Do not listen, they also should be telling you what you can do for yourself for free. It is only then that you should trust them to help. And they will. On your own, you can:

First, get your credit report from all three reporting agencies, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Go over your report and note all items that are not correct. The companies have forms for you to dispute the items, fill it out with all the data and send to the corresponding bureau. They have 30 days to research the request with the disputed company. If no response is received from that company, they will remove the item in question.

Therefore it is imperative to monitor your credit with the bureaus on a regular basis.

You can also negotiate with the companies to take a lesser amount to pay off the debt in exchange for the item to be removed from the report. Companies are likely to do this in order to improve their cash flow and if it is better to get most of their money today instead of waiting a long time for it. Remember, a dollar today will not be worth as much in ten years.

Below are some companies that are reputable that can help you with raising your credit score. Many of these companies are experts in the credit repairing process so you can be sure that they will help you if you don't have the time to learn the long process and repair things on your own.

Credit Service Provider: Equifax

  • Easy, immediate online access to a line-by-line comparison of your 3 nationwide credit reports.
  • Daily monitoring of all 3 credit reports with customizable alerts of any key changes.
  • Knowledgeable customer care and fraud specialists available 24/7.
  • Up to $20,000 complimentary identity theft insurance coverage with no deductible

Credit Service Provider: MyFICO

  • MyFICO is the industry provider of FICO scores
  • 90% of largest U.S. banks use FICO scores
  • You can get all 3 of your FICO scores from one place
  • Lots of tools to help you monitor your FICO score

Credit Service Provider: Ovation Credit Report Repair

  • Ovation help you remove or improve questionable items on credit reports including:
    • Late Payments • Judgments/Liens
    • Collections • Repossessions
    • Charge Offs • Foreclosures
    • Bankruptcies • Identity Theft/Fraud
    • Inquiries • Incorrect Personal Information

Credit Service Provider: Academy Credit

  • Provides credit repair services
  • 79% of credit reports contain inaccurate items.
  • Academy Credit knows and understands your rights
  • Academy will work to protect you from the credit bureaus.

Credit Service Provider: Fix My Credit Score Now

  • Provides credit repair services
  • Money back gurantee if enough disputed items aren't deleted from the credit reports.
  • Easy to apply to get started.

Credit Service Provider: Life Lock

  • LifeLock provides a proactive identity theft service, specializing in the prevention of identity theft rather than the reporting of it. LifeLock was founded in 2005 and is already considered the industry leader.
  • Life Lock protects your identity against identity thief
  • Life Lock prevents you from having to spend hundreds of hours to clean up your credit.
  • Click on the coupon on the left to get a 10% off credit.

FICO Score is What You Are Repairing When It Comes to Credit Repair

  • FICO® scores are your credit rating azn

  • They range from 300-850, higher is better

  • Most lenders base approval on them

  • Higher scores mean lower interest rates

  • FICO® scores are calculated based on your rating in five general categories:

    • Payment history - 35%

    • Amounts owed - 30%

    • Length of credit history - 15%

    • New credit - 10%

    • Types of credit used - 10%

  • The median FICO® score in the U.S. is 723

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Credit Repair, Bankruptcy & Bad Credit Loans

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